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          Welcome to the website of the North Norfolk Harriers. 

The site has lots of information about us, about coming hunting with us, and about the events, social and equestrian, that we organize.

The pack was formed by Lord Suffield in 1871 and has had a continuous history since then, the names of many Norfolk families appearing regularly in the lists of past masters.   The only hiatus was during the 2nd World War, but the masters at the time, Sir Thomas and Lady Cook,  registered a private pack, for the duration.  After the war the North Norfolk pack started up again and was eventually amalgamated with the Sennowe Park Harriers and hounds are today kept at their old kennels. The North Norfolk Harriers are the only pack of West Country Harriers in East Anglia.  Major Baillie of Melton Constable introduced the breed in the 1950’s as he believed the hounds, which are predominately white (Lemon), would show up well on our Norfolk plough.  This is indeed true, although it has been known for a flock of seagulls to be mistaken for the pack by those in the field who are      getting on in years.


If you are interested in Lunch at Glandford Mill on the 10th July or the Summer Garden Party at Great Ryburgh on the 21st July then please inform the Secretary for Catering purposes. [06/07/18]
It's the puppy show tomorrow please come and support the hunt with your family at Sennowe Park it promises to be a lovely day and there will be lots to do. [30/06/18]
Why not come and join Simon and the NNH team painting the Kennels tomorrow at Sennowe Park, Guist. It should be great fun and all are welcome. [08/06/18]
You can find the upto date North Norfolk Harriers Data Protection Policy under the Contact Us Tab. [03/05/18]
Dont forget the NNH Hunter Trial is on The 15th April 2018 [15/04/18]
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The North Norfolk Harriers Data Protection Policy can be found under the Contact Us Tab.