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NNH Hound Sponsorship Details 2019-20 Season

We are pleased to announce the details of the new season hound

 sponsorship scheme below.

We are running our sponsor a hound again this year it is £20 a hound which covers the cost of worming our hounds which is a great help to the hunt. So for your £20 you get a very nice card with a picture of your hound and you are also entered into three draws one on opening meet,Boxing Day and the last day of the season but most importantly you get to come out and see your hound hunt across our fantastic hunt country. Some people have asked to sponsor the same hound as last year and puppy walkers have also sponsored there’s but there are more to pick from but they all go very fast so don’t hold back. Please contact me simon.dunn97@yahoo.com if you would like to sponsor.

Lichen, Lacey, Livery, Blossom, Lister, Heydon, River, Rali, Linton, Hector, Hero, Truman, Hopkins , Lyndhurst, Deacon.