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About Us:

The North Norfolk Harriers  have a hunting country  extending north of the Norwich/Fakenham road all the way to the broads and the sea.

The pack was formed by Lord Suffield in 1871 and has had a continuous history since then, the names of many Norfolk families appearing regularly in the lists of past masters.   The only hiatus was during the 2nd World War, but the masters at the time, Sir Thomas and Lady Cook,  registered a private pack, for the duration.  After the war the North Norfolk pack started up again and was eventually amalgamated with the Sennowe Park Harriers and hounds are today kept at their old kennels.  


The North Norfolk Harriers are the only pack of West Country Harriers in East Anglia.  Major Baillie of Melton Constable introduced the breed in the 1950’s as he believed the hounds, which are predominately white, would show up well on our Norfolk plough.  This is indeed true, although it has been known for a flock of seagulls to be mistaken for the pack by those in the field who are getting on in years. 

There has also been the odd occasion on a hunting day when a lone hound has been mistaken for a very pale lost Labrador and has ended up having to be collected from the local rescue centre.

The Joint Masters of  the Hunt are Helen Love and Buffy Willcox.

The Kennel Huntsman is Simon Dunn who is responsible for the hounds on a day to day basis ably supported by his wife Ellie. 

Hounds meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays from September after harvest until early March.  The light land of North Norfolk provides good going, easy viewing of hounds at work  and the Harriers provide wonderful access to the countryside for all ages and abilities of rider.