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Hunt Subscriptions for 2018/19


            Family                                              £860  

            Family compound                               £1,660

            Single Adult                                        £550

            Single compound                                £950  

            Intermediate (18-25 years)                  £205

            Intermediate compound                     £405                     

            Junior 17 and under                            £75

            Junior compound                                £275           

            Supporter/Unmounted Family            £190  

            Supporter/Unmounted Single             £108 


All above subscriptions include membership of the North Norfolk Harriers Ltd. and membership of the hunt supporters club. Compound membership covers field money for the whole season.

Everyone should be a member of the Countryside Alliance for insurance and hunting purposes and must have third party indemnity insurance.


Field money for subscribers

            Field money                                                                £20  

            Intermediate                                                                £10    

            Junior                                                                          £10   

            Unmounted                                                                 £10                       

            Book of 10 Tickets available all season                      £180   


Membership of NNH hunt supporters club (includes a day’s hunting to be taken                                        before 1st Dec)                                                            £25                         


Visitor Caps

Single Day                                                                  £60  £40 before 1stOct                                          

Intermediate Visitor    17-25                                       £40  £30 before1st Oct

Junior Visitor 17 and under                                        £30  £20 before 1stOct

Leading rein with leader on Foot                               £10

Leading rein and leader mounted                               £40 

Unmounted                                                                 £20               

Book of 5 Day Tickets                                                £275 

At Pony Club meets NNPC members                        £10


All visitors should inform the Hunt Secretary before the day’s hunting.


Subscriptions are due by the AGM